About The JKS Group

Our seminar topics range from Leadership and Management Skills to Customer Service.

business teamThe JKS Group offers on-site, instructor-led professional development training for organizations throughout North America. Each of our dynamic training classes are fully customizable to meet your team’s specific needs. We’ll work with you to evaluate and determine pre-set goals and deliver a dynamic, interactive leader-led class that will transform your employees into productivity powerhouses.

Our goal is to take your organization from passion to purpose through our carefully designed professional development, leadership and team building training courses. Our students embrace these three vital skills and walk away from the experience eager to strive for excellence in both their personal life and professional career. When you choose The JKS Group, you’re taking the first step to invest in your team and to ensure your organization’s future financial sustainability.

Our Mission

The JKS Group serves businesses by mitigating frustration and conflict created by cultural gaps between Millennials and other generations. Our evidence-based behavior models positively impact your bottom line by reducing training and development costs. This leads to increased employee retention, increased productivity, and provides a conduit to support your professional skill initiatives.

We are ready to bridge the gap. Are you?

The JKS Group understands the rigors and challenges in today’s competitive global economy. With over 20 years’ experience in corporate training, we have the expertise and an unrivaled passion to help professionals and corporate teams to excel in their quest for success. We believe leadership is both a privilege and a responsibility. It demands risk, accountability, and excellent communication skills. No one said leading was easy. But you don’t have to do it alone. Let us come alongside you and encourage you toward the best you possible.

Purpose & Values

We believe that a life well-lived is led by vision, purpose, and values. We seek to practice these five principles every day at The JKS Group:

  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Grow Purposefully
  • Strive to Thrive
  • Live Out Your Passions
  • Always, in all circumstances, BE YOU.

Our purpose is to support effective multi-generational organizations and train the Millennial generation to become successful world leaders.

Our seasoned faculty members provide leader-led professional development seminars using the industry’s most successful training methods to ensure that each of our students not only learns critical leadership and professional development skills, but also understands how to apply these skills in his or her personal and professional life. The JKS Group seminars are led by senior executives, managers, authors, educators, consultants, and course developers. The JKS Group is distinguished by the quality of its faculty: men and women who are not just skilled speakers but industry experts who have achieved success in the corporate world. They are top business practitioners who have been in the trenches and who bring their distinctive insights, practical experience and illuminating personal anecdotes to every session they lead.

In addition to personal development, we offer basic and advanced Microsoft Office Suite courses such as Excel, Word, Access, Project, and Outlook. Each course is designed to increase technology skills with practical application instruction designed around office efficiency.

These vital management and leadership techniques combined with advanced computer skills will align your business enterprise to experience a greater staff synergy with unparalleled teamwork. Our systematic linear approach provides productivity tools for staff members, management tools for team coaches and leadership skills to drive your company initiatives. The JKS Group deeply understands the efficacy needed for a thriving business venture. Our primary motivation is to see you succeed!


Our Certifications

  • CompTIA A Plus desktop Certified (2012)
  • CompTIA Network Plus Certified (2012)
  • CompTIA Security Plus Certified (2012)
  • Healthcare Process and Procedures Certified (2012)
  • Heathcare Private Health Information Certified (2012)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
  • National Association of Trainers – Train the Trainer certified (March 2012)