Leadership Training for Organizations with Millennials

Employers can show an investment in their employees' development as future leaders by offering training and development, a clear career path, and ongoing coaching and feedback.

Today’s young people have remarkable potential. They view the world in different ways than previous generations and use vastly different techniques to communicate and manage. We live in a time of massive generational change, with the enormous baby boomer generation seceding to the titanic Millennial generation. It is inevitable they will become leaders, and with the right coaches, they will lead well.

Millennials need guidance on “soft skills,” such as work ethic, face-to-face communication, and conflict resolution.

Leadership is a learned skill. If we want the next generation to be great leaders, they need practical coaching on how to do it. Thankfully, millennials typically desire guidance, coaching, and opportunities.

Organizations need to understand this generation’s deep desire for professional and personal development.

In The Hartford’s Millennial Leadership Survey, Millennials said employers can show their investment in them as a future leader by offering training and development (50%), a clear career path (35%), and ongoing coaching and feedback (34%).

The JKS Group offers customizable, unique trainings:

  • Professional Skills for The Millennial
  • Customer Service for Millennials
  • Coaching the Millennial
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Practices

Leaders today need to know how to lead via new technologies and prioritize professional and personal development for themselves and their teams.

How is your organization doing? Are you staying updated with the latest technology (social media, collaborative software, social payments, file sharing)? Are you regularly networking with people outside your generation? Are you blocking time out on your schedule to invest in both professional and personal development for you and your team?

Gain the professional skills needed to become a transformational leader.

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