Coaching Millennials Successfully

It is inevitable that many of your next leaders will be millennials – whether they have the leadership experience or not.

Millennials (born 1979-1995) continue to grow as the largest generation in the workforce, and they will move into much different leadership roles than generations before them. In fact, it’s inevitable that many of your next leaders will be millennials – whether they have the leadership experience or not. It’s vital to your organization that you know how to prepare and train this next generation of leaders.

When Millennials begin working for your organization, they view the relationship as a short-term partnership. They ask two questions:

“Where do you see me in five years?”

“Will you develop me as a leader?”

This generation thrives on change and doesn’t conform to traditional norms such as the idea that long hours equals greater productivity. Millennials work because they enjoy the social relationships and the paycheck that supports their interests outside of the office. They expect performance rewards, salary increases and bonuses, and opportunities for advancement. If they don’t receive these, they don’t mind leaving for other employment opportunities. They expect a collaborative supervisor relationship, and are focused on results and competence, not hierarchy or permanent status. Millennials are driven by self-confidence, optimism, and tenacity. Is your organization prepared for these expectations?

According to a survey of 527 millennial professionals conducted by Virtuali, a leadership training company, 64% of current Millennial leaders felt “unprepared” when assuming their leadership role. Even after spending time as leaders, they continued to report difficulties resolving conflict and managing difficult people. However, 71% of millennials already consider themselves to be leaders. Yet less than half hold formal leadership positions. Why? Regardless of position title, they are taking the lead on project teams, volunteering their expertise and influencing people.

Millennials consistently rate leadership development among the most important employer benefits, and they are accustomed to highly individualized, on-demand content. Companies aren’t meeting their needs. Over 60% of survey respondents reported receiving 10 hours of leadership training or less over the past 12 months.

Equipping millennials with the tools to lead is crucial to employee engagement and retention. How can you help millennials in your organization prepare to be successful leaders?

The JKS Group offers organizations a customized course agenda that will integrate your company’s corporate culture and best practices into your Coaching Millennials workshop. As the workplace evolves, leaders need to advance with it. It’s critical to understand each generation’s wants, needs, and expectations and how organizations engage with each differing group.

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