Leadership Practices Courses

Develop your organization’s leaders through a comprehensive career advancement training program.

Leadership Practices Course Options:
Choose from 5-N-5, or a Two Day Leadership Intensive

Leadership and professional development can be fast-tracked with The JKS Group’s custom courses.

If your team lacks critical skills needed to excel in today’s workplace, our Two Day Leadership Intensive or our Five-N-Five Course will teach pivotal operational skills to transform your company.

Your people will not only learn essential leadership and team-building skills, preparing them for upper-level management positions, but we’ll also teach them how to incorporate these skills into their personal and professional life today.

The course outline is an all-inclusive professional development overhaul to advance your team’s leadership and professionalism.

Participants will learn:

  • How to create a better understudying of Work life balance so important to Millennials, and misunderstood by Boomers personal and professional life; Critical to Inter-generational competence
  • How understanding Intergenerational issues can be leveraged to create more productive teams
  • Build confidence to achieve goals and personal aspirations.
  • Grow vital leadership and professional development skills from Collaborative Team Building to Diversity and its impact on a business

The Classroom Experience

For our Five-N-Five outline, an enrolled participant can attend one six-hour class each week over the course of a 5-week session. This affords ample opportunity to practice and implement the weekly lessons both at home and in the workplace. Other course outlines can include a two-day intensive with an action packed full first day accompanied by a ½ day for the second day.

Participants will:

  • Enjoy resourceful lectures combined with hands-on exercises to apply new skills.
  • Be inspired by guest speakers including business leaders and public figures. (Only applicable for local deliveries.)
  • Receive daily evaluations, practice exams and an opportunity to develop a final thesis to measure knowledge retained.
  • Network with others seeking to fast-track leadership skills.

Learn Essential Leadership & Professional Development Skills

  • Building Collaborative Teams
  • Professional Development Skills
  • Career Advancement Techniques
  • Corporate Intelligence

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