leadership. Millennials aspire to become leaders who challenge and inspire others with purpose and excitement, and share in decision making processes. For Millennials, Boomers have traditionally embodied a less engaging, more rigid, leadership style.

Millennials want to create a more collaborative environment where they exchange ideas with peers and accomplish a mission. Many Millennials feel there is a shortage of great role models, and the need for a change in leadership styles. There is a movement by Millennials to begin to step up to the plate, and define what leadership will look like in the future.

Leading with the Heart

A more compassionate leadership style will be the hallmark of Millennial management. Millennials are likely, as leaders, to be sensitive to those they lead who are also discovering their own path. A majority of Millennials define leadership as empowering others to be successful. Millennials want to lead by example, and to help others succeed. The top reason Millennials want to become leaders is to empower their fellow coworkers. They also value personal engagement from their employers, and will see the need to provide active attention to those they supervise. In addition, Millennials understand that they are more engaged when they are able to learn as much information as possible about their employer and their assignments. Subsequently, Millennial leaders will strive for transparency to keep their team aware and engaged in business decisions.

Leading with Purpose

Millennials desire to be passionate about their work, and can be expected to infuse that passion into the workplace. Millennials want to align themselves with social causes, and work for companies that are giving back to society. They want to do meaningful work that enables them to make an impact at their company and in the world. Because they seek meaning in their work, as leaders, Millennials can be expected to impart the relevance of their goals to their employees. Aspiring Millennial leaders want to challenge and inspire their coworkers with a sense of purpose and excitement.

Making Leadership Fit

Millennials value flexible work schedules and telecommuting, so naturally many are concerned that being a leader may disrupt their treasured work-life balance. Rather than pass up the opportunity, Millennials can find ways to make the demands of leadership fit their lifestyle. Millennials enjoy collaborating with their peers in order to achieve objectives, and bringing out the best in teammates. Utilizing a collaborative work style, Millennial leaders should consider creating strong leadership teams in order to share the demanding workload.

Millennials are on track to redefine what it means to be a leader in the workplace through passionate and thoughtful change. Proactive companies should invest in the development of these transformational leaders, to help them achieve the goals they aspire to. If given the opportunity, Millennials will be a great force for positive change in the workforce.

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