Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Develop your skills to become a powerful critical thinker.

Thoughtful businessmanHow often have you replied too quickly to a message or made a rushed business decision, only to find that you needed to correct yourself later? It happens to even the best employees, but having to backtrack because you didn’t think it all the way through and fix these kinds of needless mistakes costs you more than your ego — it’s a waste of valuable time.

Critical thinkers are confident, unbiased, decisive, and evidence-based when making choices. Think about how you decide: Are your choices based on proof, rather than intuition? Can you support your conclusions with more than a gut-feeling or emotion?

It is possible to improve critical-thinking skills, and learning how to avoid rash, emotionally-laden decisions will be one of your best investments. Backing your conclusions with evidence will save you time in the long run because you will avoid assumptions or making decisions that others reject later in the process.

Critical thinking helps you collect the information needed to analyze a situation, create solutions to a problem and gather feedback from stakeholders. This process contributes to better business solutions; mastering these steps can advance your career.

But why is it so difficult to encourage critical thinking in the workplace? In part, it’s because critical thought isn’t a priority in U.S. society as a whole. Everyone is incredibly busy, and often we believe that we don’t have the time to really think through an issue.

Yet the ability to clearly reason through problems and to present logical, compelling arguments is a pivotal skill needed in today’s workplace. This two-day workshop will teach you key strategies and give hands-on experience to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our Critical Thinking Skills Workshop will teach you how to identify your individual thinking style, strengthen your critical thinking abilities and master how to effectively communicate your message. The JKS Group will assist you in learning to identify your weaknesses, embrace your strengths and excel in the workplace.

Customize the course agenda to meet your needs.

The JKS Group offers organizations and individuals an incredible opportunity to develop a customized course agenda that will help sort out the different underlying needs, interests and goals that can often cause people to perceive problems differently.  The JKS Group has been commended for our customized training classes and will work with you to ensure your team receives a rewarding learning experience.

You will learn:

  • An overview of critical and non-critical thinking.
  • How to identify your critical thinking style, including areas of strengths and improvement.
  • Other thinking styles, including left/right brain thinking and whole-brain thinking.
  • How to build or analyze arguments.
  • Key tactics about how to develop and evaluate explanations.
  • Crucial critical thinking skills, including active listening and questioning abilities.
  • How to use analytic thought systems and creative thinking techniques.
  • Vital strategies to prepare and present powerful arguments.

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