Blog PostMillennials have not only transformed the way company’s approach sales, marketing, and customer service for their generation, but they have a significant, and growing, impact on the expectations and buying patterns of other generations. The needs and wants of Millennials are pervasive, their influence and impact is widespread. Parents and Grandparents of Millennials look to them for recommendations on products to use, and businesses to frequent, especially when it comes to new technology and internet based products.

In addition to the value of Millennials as customers themselves, because of their size and buying power, their preferences and behaviors are increasingly influencing the customer behavior of older generations. In other words, if you’re in business today, it makes good economic sense to focus on Millennial customer expectations. The Millennial generation’s digitally driven expectations are spreading quickly to other generations. The expectation of a 25-year-old customer today will be mirrored in the expectations of her mom and dad as well in a very short time.

Millennials are seen as experts when it comes to technology, the internet, and all things new. They also have better relationships with their parents and grandparents then other generations in recent history. According to Pew, teenagers today get into fewer fights with their parents than Mom and Dad did with theirs as teens. According to authors Joeri Van den Bergh and Mattias Behrer, six out of 10 teens eat with their family four or more nights per week. Incredibly, 85% of teens name one of their parents as their best friend, rather than naming a peer. And more than a third of Millennials of all ages say they influence what products their parents buy, what shops and restaurants they visit and what trips they take.

This striking lack of conflict between generations means that Millennials can be vital carriers of a business’ commercial message to not only their friends but also their parents. Millennials are obsessed with telling the entire world about every experience in their lives instantly, they also rely heavily on the recommendations, positive or negative, from their peers. At the rate they’re spreading the word, it won’t be long until almost everyone passes for a Millennial, as far as attitude and buying patterns go. If your company can skillfully address their needs, Millennials will quickly and publicly promote your company.

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